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On September 7, 2007, I was pleased to accept the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary’s Environmental Hero Award. I received the award in recognition of my efforts to raise awareness of the connection between inland water use and the marine environment by painting the Livermore Whale Mural at the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant.

Sanctuary staff recognize the importance of raising people’s awareness that they have a direct connection to rivers and the ocean through their local wastewater treatment plant.  Reminding people of the importance of adequate wastewater treatment and that pollutants like pesticides and heavy metals can harm the treatment plant or pass through into the environment can be an important tool in protecting our National Marine Sanctuaries.

The dedicated volunteers who watch the beaches, remove trash, count dead animals, and rescue injured birds and marine mammals are the true Environmental Heroes. However, I am thrilled at the thought that my labor of love in painting the mural might somehow support their heroic efforts to protect our water environment!

Sanctuary Director Maria Brown Presents the Gulf of the Farallones Environmental Hero Award