In addition to painting on canvas, I also enjoy working on larger media which allows me to capture marine mammals in their actual scale. My most recent project is this enormous mural pictured on the right, featuring majestic Humpback whales and dolphins, including a Humpback breaching in front of the Golden Gate Bridge on the side of the 55 foot tower! 

The mural is on all four sides of the East Bay Discharger’s Authority (EBDA) Pumping Facility, located at the Oro Loma Sanitary District plant in San Lorenzo, California.  This is the third mural I’ve done at wastewater facilities in my ongoing effort to remind people that they have a direct connection to the ocean through their local treatment plant.










I did the first of these murals at the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant, in Livermore California. The treatment plant is located just off Interstate 580, next to the Livermore Airport on Isabel Avenue/Highway 84. 

If you look closely  as you go by on I-580, you can catch a glimpse of the mural on the South-side of freeway, just East of the Airway Blvd exit.


I chose the Livermore location for both the perfect, flat wall that faces the street, but also because the mural will fit in with the City’s efforts to educate the public about reducing water pollution. Not only does the mural beautify what was previously a dull, drab building, but it will also be used by staff to remind people that they have a direct connection to the ocean through the treatment plant. 









Treated wastewater from the Water Reclamation Plant is pumped to the EBDA facility before being discharged to the San Francisco Bay and flowing out under the Golden Gate towards the Farallon Islands, which is a important feeding stop on the migratory route for both Gray whales and Humpback whales.   


Another recent project is at the East Bay Dischargers Authority (EBDA) Dechlorination facility in San Leandro, California.  Located just South of the San Leandro Marina, along the San Francisco Bay Trail, this facility is perfect for a marine mural since it sits just 50 yards from the edge of the Bay!  The mural features a grey whale mother and calf resting among the kelp, and faces out to the Bay with great view of San Francisco and Oakland in the distance on a clear day.

This mural is about 2 miles from the San Lorenzo mural, which is also located along the San Francisco Bay Trail right at the water’s edge.  Walkers and bikers can access the Bay Trail at Marina Park in San Leandro or from Grant Avenue in San Lorenzo.


Another key for selecting the San Leandro location is that it is the other end of the 16-mile pipeline carrying treated wastewater from the Livermore facility where my first large Humpback mural is located. This mural and the pumping facility mural will also be used by EBDA staff to remind people of the important water quality protection functions of the facility.  And both facilities can use the murals to demonstrate the distance treated water travels—from the Humpbacks to the Greys—before being discharged.

And perhaps the most exciting part of this location is that it is visible from the air on the approach into Oakland International Airport!  Approaching planes fly in over the Bay with a great view of the San Leandro mural. 

Both murals are actually on the approach path, but the pump-station mural is directly under the plane and much harder to see. The San Leandro mural is about 1/4 mile off to the right for a perfect view. Sit on the right side of the plane and look for the Grey Whales about a minute or two before landing if you’re approaching from the South!!

EBDA Grey Whale Mural

in San Leandro, California

EBDA Pumping Facility

San Lorenzo, CA